"I know it sounds funny...

And that it was only a dream...

But still, that night, I felt the universe speak to me.
She held me in her hands, and with a voice as gentle as moonlight, she said..."


i had another dream about you last night is a short pixel adventure about dreams, crushes, and moving on. 

how do i play?
move around with the arrow keys (swipe on mobile)
advance dialogue with enter or the arrow keys (tap on mobile)
walk into objects to interact with them

many objects will have different effects if you interact with them more than once.
this game has 3 endings.

who made this?
this game was made using bitsy
music is iced tea for breakfast by in love with a ghost (many thanks to them for letting me use their track!)
art, story, and code by me!

who are you?
hi there! i'm asten, and i'm a robotics student living in california. i started this project one night when i couldn't sleep, and never thought i'd actually finish it. you can hit me up on twitter, tumblr, or come hang out with me on twitch!

Published 13 days ago
Made withBitsy
Tags8-Bit, Atmospheric, Bitsy, Cute, Narrative, Pixel Art, Romance, Short, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few minutes


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"and the universe said: i love you." i am in tears. you've created something so beautiful and sincere here.


I don't know why... but I understand that guy... i also sometimes have dreams like this and... yeah I like it


beautiful game! it made me cry!!

AHHH OMG (hands u a box of tissues) im glad you liked it!!

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yo i love this

AH thank you! im so glad!! -w-


of course! you seem like such a sweet person btw :))


Nice game bud :)

:D thanks so much!!