"I know it sounds funny...

And that it was only a dream...

But still, that night, I felt the universe speak to me.
She held me in her hands, and with a voice as gentle as moonlight, she said..."


i had another dream about you last night is a short pixel adventure about dreams, crushes, and moving on. 

how do i play?
move around with the arrow keys (swipe on mobile)
advance dialogue with enter or the arrow keys (tap on mobile)
walk into objects to interact with them

many objects will have different effects if you interact with them more than once.
this game has 3 endings.
for the most authentic experience, I recommend playing this game alone in your bedroom very late at night.

who made this?
this game was made using bitsy
music is iced tea for breakfast by in love with a ghost (many thanks to them for letting me use their track!)
art, story, and code by me!

who are you?
hi there! i'm asten, and i'm a robotics student living in california. i started this project one night when i couldn't sleep, and never thought i'd actually finish it. you can hit me up on twitter, tumblr, or come hang out with me on twitch!

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(83 total ratings)
Made withBitsy
Tags8-Bit, Atmospheric, Bitsy, Cute, Narrative, Pixel Art, Romance, Short, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few minutes


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The one where you talk to the flowr, that hits hard


made me cry


how dare u but alsoi loved this game

for the most authentic experience, I recommend playing this game alone in your bedroom very late at night.

I actually did and read this after.
It really felt like the Universe speaking. Everything was perfectly phrased.
Maybe She made this game through you :)

Then again, I guess we all are Her.


I felt feelings again, thank you for the reccomendation


Thank you for making this!! I loved getting to play it :") Though I know it's about unrequited love, it still feels like a love letter to so many other complicated emotions. Maybe it's just a me thing, but knowing what's going on with you emotionally is hard. Trying to properly pinpoint what it is that you're feeling is really, really hard, and so I regularly find myself staying up awake at night as my thoughts ruminate, turning to shows I've watched several times over as a source of comfort. I loved the Wizard of Oz and Howl's Moving Castle inspiration for this piece, and I love how you chose to rewrite them, as it feels all the more special and comforting this way, knowing that there's still comfort to be found in strands left loose by the end. 

Also, I was so confused at how similar the song for this game sounded, but then I checked the credits and it was Ilwag!!!! i love their music, and it fits perfectly for this game, and it's so nice seeing their work used in other pieces too, especially one as awesome as this!!!


loved the game!! -is this game inspired by howls moving castle? there are so many similarities!

super pretty!! Game is overall really sweet and i might have to play it again just to see the different endings! nice work my dude <3

hands down the best bitsy game, thank you

such a powerful emotional game, thank you for making it :)


this is hands down the best story i've heard on itch


This is absolutely amazing,  your game totally made my day it's a perfect rendition of what a dream feels like :D 


aw thanks, i'm so glad you liked it! :D <3


Hi! I found your game some months ago and I fell in love with it, and today I decided to draw the final scene, and I wanted to know if I could post that drawing to my Twitter? Thank you so much for making this game, it is really beautifull <3

hi there! Omg absolutely, please go ahead and post your drawing! I'd love it if you could tag me so I can see it, I'm @firefajita on twitter! and thanks so much, I'm so glad you liked the game ;w; <3

Thank you for taking the time to respond ;D, of course I will tag you I hope that the drawing is to your liking c: , I was also thinking of uploading it on instagram if it's alright, I will tag you too there if you want, thank you so much!!!! (I hope everything is understandable, english isn't my first lenguage ) <3. 

of course! i don't use instagram, but you're free to upload it there, or wherever else you like. it's your artwork, after all! and your english is fantastic, keep up the good work haha <3

I love your narrative and the art absolutely nostalgic feeling but I somehow stuck in the scenes and can’t see more:(

hi there!! I'm sorry about that, if you wanna give me more details on where you got stuck, I'd love to be able to try to help!


Is this based off howls moving castle


This was such a cute game and it made me a little emotional... ^^;


Thank you, needed this today :)


This was excellent! The presentation, the cool star blocks framing it, the Universe, that animated ceiling fan....

I want a stardust slurpy now


This is so beautiful! I cried... thank you so much!


i love this, it made me feel a very happy kind of sad, i know what this is like i just wish this feeling was as pretty as this game. i hope the universe loves me :)


hi this is beautiful

hi!! thank you, i try haha!!

yo this shit fr made a homie cry. it was beautiful thank you .

anytime homie!! thanks for playing -w-

wow... this game was so pretty. this hit me kinda hard cause i've been crushing on a girl for years who'll never return my feelings. this game really had such a gorgeous concept and i loved every second of it! the universe might've been my favorite part, it was nice how she ended the nigh with "i love you"


ah yeah, i totally know the feeling -w- and thanks so much, i'm so glad you enjoyed!!

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I am stuck... I'm not asking for help. But I see no way to get any money, so no bateries, so no make-shift transmiter. so no progression. but it's still a great game.


hey ik you said youre not asking for help so ignore this if you want buut maybe check out the vending machine thats along the streets :D


I applaud you on the narrative. Very well done. It conveys lots of emotion with simplicity and elegance that I wasn't expecting. This game is a little hidden gem in my book. Keep up the awesome work

AH thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed -w- <3

Deleted 89 days ago


the title reminded me of:

"Last Night I Had a Dream" by Randy Newman.

pointless random comment. :P

i love random comments! thanks so much haha. I'll have to look it up!

This is so lovely! The writing and atmosphere is so wonderful and the messages are really good.


wow, thanks so much!! <3


wow wow I absolutely loved this!!! such lovely flow, and beautiful writing

:D I'm so glad you enjoyed!! <3


This was really beautiful. Congrats on such a well made Bitsy game


thank you! this was my first project with bitsy and it definitely took me a long time, but i'm quite happy with how it turned out -w-


The atmosphere is incredible, i love how many feelings it conveys :,)

<3 thanks so much!!


"and the universe said: i love you." i am in tears. you've created something so beautiful and sincere here.


<333 i'm so flattered, thank you for playing!!

and i absolutely did not steal that line from minecraft haha


I don't know why... but I understand that guy... i also sometimes have dreams like this and... yeah I like it

(give u a fist bump) so glad you liked it!


beautiful game! it made me cry!!

AHHH OMG (hands u a box of tissues) im glad you liked it!!

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yo i love this

AH thank you! im so glad!! -w-


of course! you seem like such a sweet person btw :))


Nice game bud :)

:D thanks so much!!